Rosanna Vibe

Rosanna Vibe


Oslo National Academy of the Arts, MFA in Textile, department of Art and Craft

Tokyo University of the Arts: Global Art Practice, MFA

Oslo National Academy of Art: BFA in medium- and material-based art, department of Art and Craft

Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, department of Design

KIB - Kunstskolen i Bergen (Bergen Art School)


Selected Exhibitions-Activity

2023: Research trip, Kawashima Textile School, Kyoto, Japan

2023: Performative weaving for the opera Crane reflects on a favour by Kristin Norderval, featured in the festival Voxlab Vårfest 2023

2022: MFA Salgsutstilling, Haugar Kunstmuseum, Tønsberg

2022: MFA Graduation show, ÷+÷=+, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo

2021: Group show: Material Reports, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo

2019: AiR Green, Artist in Residence at Søndre Green - Noresund, through the Norwegian Textile Artists association (NTK)

2018: MFA Thesis Exhibition, Global Art Practice. Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan.

2017: NORA X HAISHAKKEI 10th Anniversary Exhibition. NORA Salon, Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan.  Group exhibition.

2016: I settle in the room and the room settles in me. Haishakkei Artist Residency (1 month stay). Toride, Ibaraki, Japan. Two-person exhibition at the end of the stay.

2016: Complex Topography: Movement and Change. Setouchi Triennale 2016, Ritsurin Garden, Takamatsu, Japan. Group exhibition.

2016: Portrett og noe som minner om landskap. Galleri Hellviktangen, Akershus, Norway.  Two-person exhibition.

2015: BFA Thesis Exhibition, department of Art and Craft, Oslo National Academy of Arts (KHiO), Oslo, Norway. Group Exhibition.

2013: They keep ripping apart but I think they like being together. Galleri Seilduken, Oslo, Norway. Three-person exhibition.

Awarded the Ataka Prize (May 2016), and the Salon de Printemps award (January 2018) at Tokyo University of the Arts.


An interview (link) from the Tobira Project, a research collaboration between the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum and the Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai) about my graduate work